Rules to attend the TRA2008 conference

Candidates for being supported to attend the TRA 2008 conference in Ljubljana in April 2008 will be ranked according to the following set of criteria:

  1. Applicants must be native to the NMS – New Member States (12), CC – Candidate Countries1 (3), WB – Western Balkans countries2 (4) and ENP – European Neighbourhood Policy countries3.
  2. The main criterion is speed of registration:
    • The first 25 people in the list will receive 800 € (type A candidates),
    • The next 25 people will receive 485 € (type B candidates),
    • The next 50 people will receive 250 € (type C candidates).
  3. Number of sponsored participants per country is limited to 10.
  4. Number of sponsored Type A and Type B participants per country is limited to 3 per each type and number of sponsored Type C candidates per country is limited to 6.
  5. The first eligible candidate receives 100 basic points (pt), the hundredth receives 1 basic point.
  6. Additional points are added to or subtracted from the basic points if the candidate:
    • is working in a NMS/CC/WB  +20pt
    • is a woman  +10pt
    • is from Slovenia  –30pt
    • is from Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary or Slovakia  0pt
    • is from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia or Poland  +20pt
    • is from other relevant country  +40pt
    • is employed by SME, university, state organisation  +10pt
    • has written a paper for TRA 2008  +30pt
    • has previously made a proposal for EC funding  +10pt
    • is a manager of a EU financed research project  +30pt
  7. The competition opens on January 15, 2008, at 12:00 hours (at noon GMT).
  8. The 100 winners will be published on the web site on February 1, 2008, at 12:00 hours (at noon).
  9. If the candidates do not register, using the On-line Registration form on, until March 15, 2008, the grant will be transferred to the next eligible candidate.
  10. No payments will be done before the candidate registers.
  11. The grants will be used primarily to pay the registration fee directly to the conference organisers.
  12. Type A eligible candidates will be asked to sign an agreement in order to:
    • receive the difference between the total grant and the registration fee (315 €) and
    • to return this grant exceeding the registration fee if he/she does not attend the TRA 2008.
  13. Type C candidates will be obliged to pay the difference to the full registration fee before March 15, 2008. If they fail to do so, the grant will be transferred to the next eligible candidate.
  14. The eligible candidate cannot receive the grant if he/she has already been sponsored by another EC grant (e.g. through the YEAR Students’ Competition –
  1. Croatia, Macedonia, Turkey
  2. Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia, including Kosovo
  3. Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, Palestinian Authority, Syria, Tunisia and Ukraine